Adorable DIY Easter Bunny Crafts & Sewing 2021

Are you looking for adorable DIY bunny crafts, sewings for Easter? I have rounded up my best bunny sewing patterns and step-by-step tutorials that rabbit lovers are going to admire! These cute floppy-eared stuffed animal bunnies and Easter eggs will perfectly decorate your non-candy Easter baskets for babies, kids, and adults of all ages. Also, these stuffed bunnies will decorate your Easter table or home and delight you all year round! Following my templates, patterns, and clear sewing tutorials with recommendations, you will have not any problems making these cloth bunny dolls and plush toys. Nearly all my DIY bunny crafts are available for beginners. 

Let’s get started reviewing these lovely Easter bunnies that I created.

DIY Easter bunnies with sewing patterns & tutorials

DIY Easter bunny crafts & ideas

My first bunnies are perfect toys (cloth dolls) for babies, kids and easy to make with your own hands. Use them for Easter baskets and gifts yet! Your children are going to love playing with these cute babies 27 cm or 10 5/8 inches tall from the ears’ tips to the body bottom (16 cm or 6 ¼ inches tall from the head’s top to the body bottom). Sew these stuffed animals from patterned cotton fabrics in different colors.

DIY four baby bunny toys

These rabbits have kind features, sweet ears sticking up and bodies that fit comfortably in your hand.

two bunny toys for baby

diy stuffed bunny doll or toy with cute kid Easter basket

5 handmade baby stuffed bunnies

My PDF baby bunny sewing patterns are available on Etsy shop.

baby bunny sewing pattern and DIY tutorial

I love very much these gorgeous Easter eggs with a bunny face and ears and propose to sew them likewise!

Easter egg with bunny ears DIY craft

Make your pretty bunny collection from cotton and plush fabrics. In my PDF file, you will discover the templates with different facial features that you can accurately copy onto your fabric. Decorate the rabbit’s facial features with embroidery threads or fabric paints as desired.

Aesthetic Easter egg with bunny ears from fabric

Adorable Easter eggs bunnies for sewing

Add a jute loop to your Easter egg and then you can hang it, for example, on a branch.

Easy to make Easter eggs with bunny ears

DIY cute fabric egg for Easter basket

Easter egg Bunny pattern sewing tutorial

The next Easter craft is a fascinating bunny plush Fiona. My full-size bunny sewing pattern and clear instruction help you recreate your own from light pink plush fabric and Velboa faux fur. You will get a bunny 30 cm or 11 7/8 inches tall approx (from the ears’ tips to the lower paws).

Baby bunny plush Easter crafts and ideas

Easter diy Fabric bunny plush toy for babies

cute pink bunny rabbit toy DIY

Easter craft Fiona bunny sewing pattern

The set of stuffed animal bunny and basket (bag carrier for doll) will be a cute Easter gift for your kids! This Moses or Easter basket is suitable for my first baby rabbits or other toys up to 19-20 cm (7 1/2 - 7 7/8 inches) tall from toe to head likewise.

diy baby bunny with set of sleeping basket and bedding

The PDF basket and bedding set sewing patterns and tutorials are available on this Etsy listing.

Bunny toy Moses basket sewing patterns

Make these cute and funny stuffed bunnies from fleece or plush fabrics that will certainly bring pleasure and happiness to your home from now through April 4. Make a great Easter gift to put your bunny stuffed animal on a holiday basket and add decorative eggs to it!

stuffed bunnies DIY Easter crafts and ideas

The finished toys will be about 33 cm or 13 inches tall.

stuffed animal bunny easy to make your own

Knit a cozy scarf and sew pants for your bunny using these sewing patterns and tutorials. Thereafter you can easily put these clothes on the toy and take off to change on another.

plush bunny with a floppy-eared and fluffy tail

The best Easter bunny rabbit DIY

Stuffed bunny plush for non-candy Easter basket

Easter bunny pattern sewing tutorial diy

Up your bunny with a snazzy dress from my PDF book! Decorate this mini dress with a little bow and ruffles as shown on my Mia bunny.

bunny doll for non-candy Easter basket and kids

back view of pink bunny stuffed animal

Easy Easter bunny plush pattern

If you desire to make both sets of clothes for your plush toy (a scarf with pants and dress) – choose this listing

Easter bunny and clothes 2 sewing patterns PDF

This sunny bunny is a glamorous and graceful stuffed animal that will become your pride and unique home decoration! The bunny sewing pattern is best suited to craftswomen or craftsmen with some sewing experience of toys or dolls. The finished bunny toy from fleece or plush fabrics will be about 48-50 cm or 18 7/8 - 19 5/8 inches tall.

Best bunny stuffed animal DIY

Easter crafts bunny patterns

If you want to sew this bunny with a trendy headband and sundress from linen, batiste, or cotton fabrics, select this Etsy shop listing.

bunny toy in headband and sundress

Bunny plush pattern for aesthetic Easter decor

Bunny sundress patterns you can make for Easter

Bunny toys and egg are the best Easter decorations

All my PDF bunnies sewing patterns and DIY tutorials are available on Etsy shop
Welcome and Happy Easter!


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